Trip Lee dropt langverwacht album ‘The End’

We hebben er lang op gewacht, maar het nieuwe album van Trip Lee is inmiddels uitgebracht. Na ‘ The Waiting Room’ (2016), komt de Reach-rapper met de plaat ‘The End’.

In tegenstelling tot wat de titel doet suggereren, zegt de rapper nog maar net begonnen met zijn nieuwe muziek te zijn.

Beluister het album hieronder:

Trip Lee: “Most will think the title, The End, is connected to my final departure from making music, but that’s far from the truth. It’s symbolic of the season I’m in personally and musically right now. It symbolizes the coming to the end of ourselves, where one door closes so another can open. The state of our nation and the world has caused so many of us to look inward at the legacy we would leave behind if the world were really to end. The end of ourselves is not necessarily the end of our story. The suffering and uncertainty we’re in now feel like the end of everything, but actually, the Lord is clearing the pathway that leads to him and a renewed life!”


Let Go
Right Out the Gate
You Got It
Witness ft. Wande & WHATUPRG
Put Your Weapon Down
All Mine ft. Taylor Hill
End of Me (Interlude)
Call It Life
Wake Up ft. KB
Know It
Gave It Up ft. Desi

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